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Why to choose us
  • To perform some types of activities you don't need to go always to a specific place.
  • Some human activities are not strictly associated with a unique place.
  • For some categories of place, you can change your destination and you still can perform the same activity desired.
  • Some activities can be performed by you in different intervals of the day.
  • In some situations, a person can freely change the time to go to a place according.
  • We take advantage from the knowledge about your intended activity to boost the possibilities of rides


Query Expansion

We boost the possibilities of car rides by exploiting a query expansion technique. The queries in our context are carpooling requests expressing the passenger’s intention to move to to a place to perform an activity

Inverted Index

The index aims at speeding up query processing by improving the capability of ComeWithMe to handle an increasing number of ride opportunities, thus making the system scalable


The query expansion consistently increases the possibilities of rides and, consequently, it is crucial is to propose to the user rides that she is willing to accept. The ranking score of candidate rides is thus computed according to the user preferences set through the mobile app.


Come With Me

Real Time

Search for your ride at any time using our app. We can also automatically suggest rides to accomplish your activities.

Profile Maker

Just start using the app! We will automatically infer your daily routines that you can offer to passengers.

Share your vehicle

Enjoy componies. Share the cost of the trips. Be able for the high occupancy vehicle lanes.

Perform your activities

We focus on what you want to do. We suggest you rides at different times to different places where you still can perform your desired activites.

how it works

As passenger

how it works

As driver
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Centro de Informática - CIn/UFPE
Recife - PE, Brazil

Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione “A. Faedo” - ISTI/CNR
Pisa, Italy

CIn/UFPE: +55 81 2126-8430
ISTI/CNR: +39 050 3152878

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